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Comics Catalog is just like any other comic book and collectibles store . . . if “any other comic book store” has a subscription-based, all-you-can-read library full of cats. Just pick up your favorite comic from our large collection and enter our relaxing cat room.

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Ten percent of all proceeds go directly to local animal shelters and charities to benefit cats everywhere!
The rest goes toward maintaining the library and taking care of our very own well-trained, adopted cats that peruse the library.
Donations are also made possible in cooperation with local businesses.

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Our Facilities

Comics Catalog aims to create a fun, safe, relaxing environment for long-time comics fans and aspiring young readers alike. Come by and keep a lookout for our children’s library, which also hosts summer learning events for children new to reading.
Our shared collection contains newer series as well as generous donations of old collections from out patrons!


Our Pets

We love cats! Our cats are the most well-trained, well-behaved, family-friendly felines from local shelters. They are all up for adoption! Regardless, if cats aren’t your thing, our free-roam reading room is kept separate from our main browsing area. We also have some lovely turtles on staff for smaller children and those with allergies.

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